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About Mindmine Summit

Mindmine Summit is the annual flagship event of the Hero Group. At this two-day forum, diverse panellists assess the evolving political, business and societal landscape through a mix of interactive panel dialogues, one-on-one exchanges and debates.

Since 2006, luminaries and distinguished leaders from every field of human endeavour have been part of this iconic event, and the Tenth Mindmine Summit on the theme: “The Idea of India…..Whose India?” gets underway on April 21, 2016 at the Taj Palace, New Delhi.

Over the past decade, this two-day Summit has gained immense credibility and traction as an independent forum for dialogue and debate. It features preeminent leaders, opinion shapers and emerging stars who freely express their opinions and offer their insights over plenary sessions, mindmine exchanges and debates. With thought leadership, media coverage and delegate participation of the highest order, this Summit has, over the years, provided a wonderful and effective stage for companies to build and showcase their image and brand equity.


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BML Munjal Awards

As global boundaries are shrinking and competition intensifying, a complex transition is taking place in the way organizations manage their human capital.

To effectively manage this transition, organizations are increasingly focusing on capability building through Learning & Development in cross functional areas of the businesses. Thus, dependence on skills & competencies of human capital for sustainable growth is far greater than ever before.

The annual BML Munjal Awards for ‘Business Excellence through Learning & Development’ recognize organizations who have demonstrated business excellence through innovations in learning & development. They are awarded to companies that have consistently used training, learning & development as a source of competitive advantage.