About Mindmine Summit

Since 2006, Mindmine Summit, the two-day think fest has gone on to gain immense credibility as an independent forum for dialogue and debate. It has attracted some of India’s most well-known leaders in politics, industry, and bureaucracy; it has also drawn experienced academics, columnists, news anchors, young entrepreneurs, sports icons, film stars, institution builders, and many other opinion makers. The idea and identity of India has always been the central theme of the Mindmine Summit. Through the various plenary sessions and one-on-one exchanges, speakers and moderators evaluate India’s new eco-political atmosphere and emerging social arithmetic and look at how it might help our nation evolve in the future. In the thirteen editions so far, our speakers have shared the stage to analyze, argue, regale, postulate and enlighten audiences. They have spoken their minds freely, yet incisively.

Thirteen editions of Mindmine Summit:

  • 1. The New Decade: One Nation, Multiple Destinies
  • 2. India @ 75: Is This The New India?
  • 3. Disruption: The New Normal for India?
  • 4. The Idea of India…Whose India?
  • 5. 2015-2025: The India Decade?
  • 6. Today’s India: Economics or Politics?
  • 7. India in Transition: For Better or for Worse?
  • 8. Thriving in Uncertainty: Is this the real India?
  • 9. 2010: Is This India’s Defining Moment?
  • 10. Challenges of Troubled Times: Opportunities and Threats
  • 11. Re-inventing Indian Business: Agenda for Today
  • 12. Imagining. Investing. Inventing: ‘The Global Manager’
  • 13. Emerging Business Challenges: Search for Winning Responses

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